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Minecraft Realms Now Available in North America

By Boxmash

If you live in the USA, then you can now get Minecraft Realms. It’s a subscription service that lets you set up your own servers so you can play with your friends without other people invading your world.

Minecraft Realms used to only be available in Sweden and other Nordic countries, but now North American players can use it. To get Minecraft Realms you have to pay $13 every month. With Realms your servers are automatically saved to the cloud regularly so you’ll always be able to keep your builds without worrying about losing a save. You can even reload a save from earlier on incase you build something and you decide you want to quickly get rid of it.

Most importantly, you can invite up to 20 of your friends to your Minecraft Realm server, and up to 10 people can play on the server at the same time.

Minecraft Realms will hopefully be released in other countries soon.

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