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By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

I am not sure if one can achieve a state of 100% Mindfulness. For me, to be in a position of maintaining a state of awareneness minute by minute when I have a full control of my feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations, feelings, and surrounding environment all the time is next to impossible. I think it takes a lot of practice, determination, and self discipline to achieve that.

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They say there are 7 principles or attitudes of Mindfulness. First one is 'NON-JUDGING'. Most of the time I am judging my judging my own thoughts, deeds, and actions. Why? I don't know. Probably it's because of being partial to my actions and biased in witnessing my own experience. I have to learn how to become completely non judgemental for my own and for others.

Second principle is PATIENCE. Patience comes with wisdom and practice. Patience brings so many other benefits with it. Like, acceptance, harmony, happiness, and so on.

Third one is 'CHILD'S MIND'. A child is always open and receptive to anything new in life. It's perhaps curiosity that is always there in a child. As we grow, we stop being curious, receptive, and open. We tend to get more stereotypical and close minded.

Fourth principle of Mindfulness is TRUST. We start losing confidence in ourselves because we stop trusting ourselves. Mindfulness demands a consistent development of basic trust with self and own's feelings. Trust brings hope, stability, strength, and clarity in life.

Fifth one is 'NON STRIVING'. Live the moment. Don't waste energy in change. Focus on what is evolving. Stay with yourself.

Next is 'ACCEPTANCE'. Accept what's happening in life. This broadens your horizon. Look at life with a wide angle.

The seventh and last principle of Mindfulness is 'LETTING GO'. Pay full attention to inner experience. Let go unnecessary thoughts, feelings, and situations. Stick to your present moment. Let the sorrows of past and worries of future go away. Stay calm. Stay fresh.

Mindfulness is developing ability to be fully present in the current moment with full awareness of where I am and what I am doing without getting influenced by surrounding situations. It is about bringing awareness to what I am directly experiencing by means of my senses. My state of mind must sync well with my thoughts and emotions. That's how I can become mindful. It requires regular training to the brain to be mindful. The ultimate goal of Mindfulness is to reach to a state of mind where there is a complete awareness of mental, emotional, and physical conditions.

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