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Milwaukee Sikhs Considering Guns for Protection

Posted on the 12 September 2012 by Mikeb302000
Milwaukee Sikhs Considering Guns for Protection Business Insider reporst
In the aftermath of last month’s rampage killing at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin, some members of the religion are considering arming themselves in order to defend against future attacks.
On August 5, Wade Michael Page burst into the temple in suburban Milwaukee and opened fire, killing six before police arrived on the scene. 
While the Sikh religion is known for its commitment to peace and non-violence, some of its members have said enough is enough in the wake of the recent shooting.  Some Sikhs are seeking to purchase firearms in order to avoid a repeat of the temple massacre.
“I think that being able to legally obtain and carry a gun is the best thing any Sikh can do, especially after 9/11 where there have been over 800 documented cases of harassment and violence against us.” 
Sikhs are required by the religion to carry a ceremonial knife at all times for self-defense.
But, there's only one problem, I mean aside from the fact that it probably wouldn't help anyway and in all likelihood would make matters worse.
Sikhs or any other citizens in Wisconsin who wish to arm themselves will enjoy relatively lax gun restrictions. According to the National Rifle Association, there is no permitting, licensing or registration required to buy or own a handgun, rifle or shotgun.
You see, places like Wisconsin make no attempt to ensure that gun owners are qualified. This is a terrible mistake. It allows many unfit people to own guns legally.
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