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Millions of Women Hate Their Partner’s Mates

Posted on the 06 December 2013 by 72point @72hub

Millions of women dislike their partner’s mates – because they are too laddish, loud and frequently ‘lead him astray’, a study has revealed. A poll carried out among 2,000 women in relationships found a quarter feel the lads their boyfriend, fiancée or husband knocks around with have a detrimental effect on their other half’s behavior.

Complaints such as ‘they are too loud’, ‘they show-off’ and ‘he is different around them’ were the main grumbles.

Drinking too much, swearing and telling the same stories over and over again were also common complaints.

One in ten went as far to say that the influence their partner’s pals have over their man has a negative effect on their entire relationship.

It also emerged 16% of women said they tried to prevent their other half from mixing with his ‘undesirable’ friends, while a third of women have made up excuses to avoid spending time with their other half’s friends, the poll to launch 2 GUNS coming to DVD found.

One in twenty women said there was one particular friend of their husband or boyfriends that they weren’t keen on, but a hard to please 75% said they didn’t like most of them.

A spokesman for 2 GUNS said:

‘Many women think that when their partner gets together with his friends he regresses by ten years or more.

”The language they use is different, the topics of conversation are different and they do have a tendency to show off.

”When men and boys get together their behavior does tend to rub off on each other and they do probably act differently to how they would when they are with their wife or girlfriend.

”It’s only natural to behave more ‘laddish’ when surrounded by old friends and in many instances men would have known their friend for longer than their partner so it’s nice to still have that bond.”

The survey also found that nearly one in ten women have disliked one of their partner’s friends so much they have even forbid their chap from seeing them.

Although, many make exceptions for special events like birthdays, Christmas and big sporting events.

Having said that, three quarters of females polled said they think their other half genuinely loves his pals and are pleased he has friends he can rely on.

And a whopping 85% said that their man gets genuinely excited when seeing his mates.

Of the 2000 women surveyed 56% said they think male relationships are more simple than females ones as they don’t have petty fall-outs that girls do.

One in five women would even go as far to say their man has a ‘bromance’ going on with one of his mates.

It’s no surprise then that one in ten women have made their partner choose between them and their blokey pals.

A spokesman for 2 GUNS added:

‘It can only be a good thing that men have such a strong relationship with their pals.

”It’s something their wives and girlfriends should be pleased about and not get jealous over.

”If their man changes when with his friends it’s just male bravado and nothing to be concerned about.

”The relationship between the characters played by Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in 2 Guns explores how two men can forge a strong bond and how in a very short space of time learn to rely on each other.”

The film follows the highs and lows of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg’s bromance when they are forced on the run together.

Washington and Wahlberg lead an all-star cast in 2 Guns, an explosive action thriller that comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 9 December.


1. Drinks too much
2. Completely ignores you
3. Tells the same stories you have heard over and over again
4. Talks about football endlessly
5. Shows-off
6. Swears more
7. Stays out late
8. Plays commuter games for hours on end
9. Acts like they are still teenagers
10. Tell each other unfunny jokes
11. Doesn’t show you any affection
12. Talks about women
13. Drives faster
14. Acts the class clown
15. Acts like a completely different person
16. Talks about cars
17. Makes out he helps with cooking and cleaning more than he actually does
18. Shouts at the TV
19. Makes out he’s really independent
20. Calls you by your proper name and not the pet names you have for each other

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