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Milk Sharing

By Rachel Rachelhagg @thehaggerty5

There’s something intoxicating to me about meeting new Moms that have the same values as I do. I’m not talking about down to the nitty gritty exactly like me, for that would surely be boring. I’m talking about meeting new Moms that care. Like deeply care about their children, and do a darn good job showing it. I love love learning from them , even for a brief moment. They touch me.

Today I had the privilege of meeting a Momma that seeks out breast milk donors , even from hours away. She is that set on giving her child the best nutrition in the world, even if it comes from other Moms. To me that is one of the most courageous , unselfish things she could do. How humble to go out of her way to drive to who knows where to get this milk. Ive donated milk before, but this time changed me.

I handed over the milk, hugged my new friend and went into a local grocery store we met at. I couldn’t help but let the tears fall as I passed an aisle with a newborn baby crying. I wanted to stick my head in his carrier , just to get one whiff of his new smell. I had given my last milk donation in this season. It was bittersweet. Mostly sweet. Mostly healing.

When I pumped this milk I was unknowingly pregnant with the boy that we lost two weeks ago. To me , handing over this milk was the last of him as far as my physical body. He will forever be in my heart, but I know now he is no longer in my possession. This is ok. I know where he is.

It brings a smile to my face to know that a part of me probably right now is feeding another baby I’ve never met. A part of me is being taken in by a sweet smelling baby head. She is rocking him to sleep , with me apart of this tradition. There’s no greater honor for me. I just feel full. I just feel grateful for life . I feel grateful for how Jesus designed it for us. To help one another.

So Jude boy, your milk went to a friend you maybe met in passing in heaven. You were with me as I provided these bottles. You were with me as I gave them away.

I’m thankful for your life. And the life we gave away today.

I wrote all this to say that milk sharing is a huge huge part of life that should be normalized. It should be common for mothers to share when they can spare. I can’t express what a blessing it was to share mine. It was empowering and healing and just lovely.

This momma wrote me the sweetest, encouraging and life giving note. As I handed her over some life of mine, she blessed me in return. Far more than she claimed I blessed her.

We are fearfully and wonderfully made , aren’t we?

Milk sharing

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