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Military Spending Or Social Security

Posted on the 22 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
via The Huffington Post

There's a fascinating little tidbit that I'd never heard before.  The defense industry contractors have spread their operations out so as to cover as many congressional districts as possible.  Any politician, Republican or Democrat, would be hard-pressed to favor defense spending cuts when it means job losses in his or her district. That's slick.
If the military contractors succeed in keeping the war budget intact, they'll likely do so at the expense of Social Security and Medicare.

I didn't really understand why that is.  Aren't there other programs which can be cut?  In any case, don't you think the military spending is too high? These are some of the most powerful companies in the world and they know how to play the game. That alone should indicate they're already getting more than they need.
What's your opinion?  Wouldn't cutting military spending and cutting back on the foreign wars be the right way to correct some of the country's economic problems?
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