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(Military) Spending Is Out Of Control

Posted on the 29 November 2012 by Jobsanger
(Military) Spending Is Out Of Control This should make us all mad. While the Republicans think we spend too much government money feeding the hungary in this country, they want to increase spending on the military budget. They don't want to spend this money on our soldiers, giving them more pay and better benefits. No, they want to pump more money into the military-industrial complex to fatten the bank accounts of the corporate military contractors -- in spite of the fact that all the money spent on the Food Stamp program doesn't even add up to the money spent on one of the top twenty military contractors (and there are many more than twenty military contractors).
This government does spend too much money, but not in helping American citizens live a little bit better lives. We spend far too much money on the military, especially the billions of dollars poured into the corporations of the military-industrial complex (who continually pile up billions of dollars on cost-overruns for weapons that don't work half the time). No other nation spends anywhere near what the United States spends on its military budget, and don't feel they need to for their own defense. The national defense of this country doesn't need all that spending either. We could be very safe by spending far less (and have a lot more money to help hurting Americans).
The United States has only 5% of the world's population, and as a rich and productive nation we produce 24% of the world's total GDP. But we waste much of that wealth by spending 42% of the entire world's military spending. That's not intelligent economic budgeting or spending. In fact, it is downright stupid. The budget needs to be cut, and the military budget is the place to start that cutting (since we could cut it in half and still be spending far more than any other nation).
(Military) Spending Is Out Of Control

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