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#milaOOTD: 10 Holiday Inspired Outfits

By Milastolemyheart

Let me do a #ThrowbackThursday post. I miss dressing up Mila. It's been a hectic week and I don't really have a decent camera to do new outfit shots. I kept getting reminders from Dropbox to upgrade my account so I decided to revisit my photos uploaded in there.
It's mid-September now and most of my Mommy friends are busy planning for Halloween. That time last year was our first ever holiday dressup. We were supposed to attend my office party. We had to turn back midway due to heavy traffic. Mila was only 10 weeks old then and we were really too afraid to travel with her. I got too inspired planning her outfit that day, I knew I want more. So our playtime began.

1. Halloween

Our little skeleton girl. I designed the custom print onesie then added felt bones on black stockings. The headband was a last minute add on. I just drew the girly face on a skullhead felt cutout. 

Halloween Costume

Halloween. Oct 31, 2013

2. Christmas 

Her Dad specifically requested an elf costume. Pics turned out very nice, we decided to turn it into our Social Media greeting card. 

Christmas Costume

Christmas. Dec 31, 2013

3. New Year

Lucky Polka Dots to start the year. Love that smile. 

New Year Costume

New Year. Jan 1,2014

4. Chinese New Year 

Red Cheongsam for more luck. 

Chinese New Year Costume

Chinese New Year. Jan 31, 2014 

5. Valentines Day

My little Love Bug. Matched an Old Navy onesie and Disney polka dot leggings for an instant outfit. Love inspired without screaming cheezy. 

Valentines Day Costume

Valentines Day. Feb 14, 2014

6. Edsa Revolution

Edsa Day equals Yellow day. Head to toe yellow just like Mrs. Cory? 

Edsa Revolution Day Costume

Edsa Revolution Day. Feb 25, 2014

7. Easter Sunday

Bunny ears I made from repurposed Carters longsleeves nightshirt. The same shirt was redesigned as sleeveless fringe. Yey for recycled clothes that would otherwise be left unused.

Easter Sunday Costume

Easter. Mar 31, 2014

8. Mother's Day

What's cuter for Mother's Day than wearing matching outfits for a little mini-me? Rawr!

Mother's Day Costume

Mothers' Day. May 11, 2014 

9. Back to School

Not really a Holiday, in fact the opposite. But we want to celebrate the end of summer with this cute school girl outfit. Each piece had been put together last minute from her closet. This was an inspired shoot at 3am when we both couldn't  not sleep. 

Back to School Costume

Back to School. June onwards

10. Ninoy Aquino Day

Nothing much happening here except the glasses feeling ala Ninoy. 

Ninoy Aquino Day Costume

Ninoy Aquino Day. Aug 21, 2014

If you have noticed, it does not have to be a full on outfit. Some are just inspired by whatever day it is. Buying new outfits can be expensive so I usually repurpose whatever we have. Because I loved how adorable she looked, I decided I want each holiday to be costume day. We missed a few days this year though.
I plan on turning this into our tradition. I wonder what we will come up with this coming year.

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