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[email protected] Anka = Scam

By Richard Randall @aude11360

Best regards! I do not really know how to start this letter. As a matter of fact I am writing to a man in the Internet for the first time in my life. I ‘m very excited and lost. Are you single? Are you searching for a loyal heart for your life and making a family? I am interested in finding my sweetheart who would love and respect me.! I need a male to build love with! You seemed so hot to me. My name is Anka. I added my photographs to make everything clear from the very beginning. If you, please write me back using my email address. I am wishing to receive u r answer to my letter. Write me asap, please! I pray you fancied me. I will be hoping to receive your answer. Have a good day! Meet you online! Missing you, Anuta P.S: Oh, and how old are you and where are you from? [email protected] [email protected]

PCX 989

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