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Mila's First Hair Cut

By Milastolemyheart
Mila's First Hair Cut A couple of days after her second birthday, we decided it was time for Mila to get her first hair cut. My mom said it was 1 year over due but I say, better late than never.
Mila has very fine hair. I always tease her that for 1 year, she was stuck with the hair she was born with. Her head was growing bigger but her hair stayed the same. As with the older generation, our aunts suggested that I shave all of Mila's hair. They said it will help make it grow thicker and healthier. The thought of Mila being bald upsets me so much. I can't imagine her #milaOOTDs working with no hair. Hubs and I agreed that we will wait until she turns two before we decide again what to do with her hair.
Then she turned two. We knew it was time to chop off those hair. The little lady needs to have a more stylish cut. Time to cut off the few longer strands that were her newborn hair. So off we go to Cuts 4 Tots in Trinoma.
Mila's First Hair CutI've always found this salon too cute. I told myself I will have my child's hair done in those car chairs. Besides, I wanted to have a professional handle Mila's first hair cut. Mila knows how to be scared now. I don't want her to have a bad experience with her first salon visit, lest she will remember it and be afraid for the next times.
As soon as we enter the store, Mila was ecstatic. The toys and fun colorful design makes the place attractive to a child's eyes. Mila went straight to the car chair because she wanted to drive like dad. While being prepped, they started playing videos of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that made Mila extra happy and behaved. Nice touch specially for kids that may be less cooperative.
Mila's First Hair Cut The Kiddie Haircut (kids 1 to 10 years old) costs P330. For additional P195, you can get a copy of Baby's First Hair Cut Certificate. It's has a before and after photo of your child printed with the design you choose from their portfolio, with a small plastic with some hair clippings for remembrance. I thought hard about getting one. The cut itself is pricey enough and I felt like I can make my own certificate. All I needed was a printer, a small plastic for the hair and the photos I already took. Then again, I realized I don't have a printer and I got too many DIY projects I barely have time to do. So I decided to pay. They said I could get the certificate after a week. Two months later, we haven't been back to get it and I already lost the receipt. Silly me.
The whole process was quick and (almost) without tears. Manong stylist was nice and friendly. He really is a pro, making sure that both child and parents are comfortable with what he does. I was not afraid he'd sniff off my girl's ears nor cut her hair too short or crooked. I knew he knew what he is doing and worth every cent we paid.
Mila's First Hair CutMila's First Hair Cut I adore how Mila looks after her first hair cut. Like a proper little kid who can do no harm. No need for fancy hair accessories. We almost have the same look now. Maybe I'll have some baby bangs too.
Mila's First Hair Cut Just when I thought we could leave drama free and mark her first salon visit a success, Mila started crying. She does not want to leave.
"No mom. Car only. Drive pa. Cut hair Mila. Please!" Oh no!
Mila's First Hair Cut

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