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By Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
here's a list of the books, DVDs and artists I've reviewed and authors I've interviewed online - most recent articles/reviews at the top of each list.
John Niven, The Second Coming
Gene Brewer, K-PAX IV
Bernard Werber, Empire of the Ants
Robert Harris, The Ghost
Michele Roberts, The Secret Gospel of Mary Magdalene
Philip K Dick, The Divine Invasion
Whitley Strieber, The Grays
Sarah Pinborough, Tower Hill
Ryu Murakami, Audition
Natsuo Kirino, Real World
Brian Keene, Dark Hollow
Bill Hicks, Love All The People
Chuck Palahniuk, Snuff
Chuck Palahniuk, Rant
Philip K Dick, A Critical Appreciation, Part One
Philip K Dick, A Critical Appreciation, Part Two
Philip K Dick, A Scanner Darkly
Philip K Dick, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
Philip K Dick, The Cosmic Puppets
Philip K Dick, Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said
Greg Iles, Dead Sleep
Greg Iles, The Footprints of God
Natsuo Kirino, Out
Femmes de la Brume (collection)
Haruki Murakami, After the Quake
Whitley Strieber, The Last Vampire
Whitley Strieber, Lilith's Dream
Jeff Noon, Falling out of Cars
Charlee Jacob, Dread in the Beast
Hideshi Hino: The Red Snake and The Bug Boy
Hideshi Hino: Oninbo and the Bugs From Hell, One and Two
Hideshi Hino: Living Corpse and The Black Cat
Hideshi Hino: Horror, Pathos and the Master of Manga
The Adjustment Bureau
The Girl Who Played With Fire
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest
The Tourist
Lord of War
Southland Tales
The Day The Earth Stood Still
Takashi Miike's Steel-spiked Surrealism
The Butterfly Effect
Requiem For A Dream
The Hunted
Live Flesh
A Weather Woman
The Dream Life of Angels
Battle Royale
Harrison's Flowers
Saw II
The Salton Sea
Human Nature
Bande A Part
Element of Crime
Le Mepris
The Man Who Sued God
Clay Pigeons
Fear of the Dark
Love Object
Ghost World
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Sex is Comedy
Getting Any
Way of the Dragon
Le Diner de Cons
Shallow Hal
Julie Ann Scott @ Black Sheep Gallery, Deep Waters
Ygal Ozeri @ Mike Weiss Gallery NY, Garden of the Gods
Emma Cousin @ Ovada Gallery, Uncanny Likeness
Jenny Saville @ Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills
Harriet White, photorealist @ Sarah Wiseman Gallery, Oxford
Robert Standish, photorealist - mini interview
Francis Bacon Retrospective - Tate Britain - full review
Modern Art Oxford - Janet Cardiff - George Bures Miller
Hecate and Suzann Blac - London gallery report (video interviews and photos)
Black Sheep Gallery - Coast to Coast
Mijn Shatje - mini interview
Black Sheep Gallery - Lee Tyler
Jamie McCartney - editorial, it's rude to point
Exclusive FREE PLANET Gene Brewer interview
a list of horror authors I interviewed for Terror Tales Online, as Hertzan Chimera
Hertzan Chimera interviews Jack Ketchum
Hertzan Chimera interviews Edward Lee
Hertzan Chimera interviews Charlee Jacob
Hertzan Chimera interviews Tom Piccirilli
Hertzan Chimera interviews Michael A Arnzen
Hertzan Chimera interviews Alex Severin
Hertzan Chimera interviews Kurt Newton
Hertzan Chimera interviews Christina Sng
Hertzan Chimera interviews John Edward Lawson
Hertzan Chimera interviews Queenie Tirone
Hertzan Chimera interviews John Turi
Hertzan Chimera interviews Amy Grech
Hertzan Chimera interviews MF Korn
Hertzan Chimera interviews Monica J O'Rourke
Hertzan Chimera interviews polycarp kusch
Hertzan Chimera interviews Destiny West
Hertzan Chimera interviews DF Lewis
ONLINE ARTICLES: a list of online articles or polemics
Tom Cruise, Show us the Money
What is horror?

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