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Mike, How is YOUR Eugenics Any Different?

Posted on the 20 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Mike, how is YOUR eugenics any different?it's dead simple:
1) Free Planet as a consiousness KNOWS there's too many Human Consumers, it agrees to STOP RUTTING and in twenty/thirty years those of you who are young enough can think about having more children again. Billions of people will have died by then by 'natural causes'. Earth has been re-wilded. Corporate Commerce Cities have been allowed to crumble. Balance has been restored to the planet. You've grown up as a planetary populace, you have self-rule Diversities and ethical local science solutions are used by ALL for FREE. Nature is alive once again.
2) N.W.O. Eugenics Inc(r)(tm) ruins countries with civil wars and industrial espionage and forces families to have more children to scrape a pitiful living from the dirt or the waste heap. One day they realise there's 'too many of you' and commence Global War. Billions of you die, those who survive (who can't afford to live in shielded Prison Cities) rot to death from all sorts of 'interesting illnesses', released viruses and total degrading poverty. Crime is stil rife. Civil Wars still break out on a dailiy basis. The land is poisoned in the name of Financial Ambition.
The difference between the two?
1) is a future projection and 2) is today's reality.
Which one do you want?
Status Quo, where YOU LOSE?
Free Planet, where you can start to rebuild your homeworld, together, for your children's children.

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