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Mike Expressed These Concerns About Parking a Decade Ago

Posted on the 16 October 2019 by Worldwide @thedomains
Domain Parking

Whether You Park Your Domains Or Not, You Better Hope Parking Stays Around

Michael expressed the following:

It troubles me that so many people so willing to causally write off the parking industry.

Whether you park your domains or not, domain parking has a huge impact on the domain industry in many ways.

Live domain auctions have gone from over $10M in sales to under $2M in less than a couple of years, and has at its root cause, the drop in parking revenues.

If parking goes away, the domain resale market will continue to dry up.

You can read the comments which devolved into something of a debate between those making good money with good names and those who did not make any money with parking. David Castello has a comment in there that’s worth reading.

I think Mike’s take about how the lack of parking would affect live auctions was pretty spot on.

How has the lack of parking revenue affected you?

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