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Mike and Michael - Which One is the Real Me?

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
While we normally think of a FRONTAL LOBE LOBOTOMY as the excision of a part of a brain, actual surgery where a 'troubling bit of the patient is removed' so that what remains of the patient can go in 'polite society, these sorts of 'lobotomies' were mostly about separating the two frontal lobes by means of an Orbitoclast, hammered into the thin bone between the eyes.
The Falx Cerebri is a strong arched membrane that extends vertically downward in the longitudinal fissure between the halves of the brain. Split this and you seem to cure the frantic electrical feedback between the left and right frontal lobes that are considered responsible for many so-called 'neurological disorders'.
Mike and Michael - which one is the real me?
But look at the above pair of mirror-images, produced from the same photo. I know, one face looks thinner than the other, older than the other. I've measured the glasses and they're exactly the same pixel width in each picture. This is just slight angle of head and a trick of the lighting, especially the false tan effect caused by the fall of light across the separate halves of the face.
But maybe these apparent RADICAL DIFFERENCES in our two faces, is also present in our psyches. I mean, we are BORN this way, grown this way through our symmetrical inaccuracies, and surely these would percolate up from our genetic double-helix to our social core as we mature. Maybe we are (trying to be as unmelodramatic as possible) all like Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, sharing one side of our nature with the public and keeping one side of our nature for 'other things'.
Between you and I, I've seen my face in the mirror for like 45 years and looking at these two images for more time than I care to go into, I can't tell which is the real Michael or the made-up Mike.

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