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Migraine: More Than Just A Headache

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam
Migraine: More Than Just A Headache I created this post as part of a campaign by Teva Pharmaceuticals. I received an American Express gift card for participating.

Often people who have never known how acute the migraine pains can be, refer to it as headache. Nothing could be further from truth. My migraines have never just been only headaches, they always bring their other friends along, I feel nauseated and lethargic. And the nausea sometimes gets really very bad.

Your researches with migraine must have told you about the 'Migraine Aura', while I personally never had any signs but someone I know experiences blurry visions right before the actual migraine sets in, like a premonition if you will.

The next phase is known as 'Attack', rightly too if I may say so. You often read that the attacks may last anywhere from a few hours to days. I think anyone who has the attack for a few hours is absolutely lucky because for me it easily lasts more than a day and nothing disrupts life like a migraine. I usually feel nauseated and of course the pain is there. The best way for me to deal with the migraine is seek a dark corner and lie there. Sometimes putting cold and wet cloth on the temple helps.

Sensitivity to light is another thing that bothers me a lot, hence the deep dark recesses seem quite inviting. As I said earlier, my headaches last for over a day generally, going through the daily grind is a massive task. It would be nice if Migraines could schedule their arrival because often a normal day gets wrecked by the onset of one.

Here are some tips for sudden onset of migraine and how you can handle it.

  1. Keep a plastic bag ready, in case vomiting occurs.
  2. Keep sunglasses with you, they can help with light sensitivity.
  3. A water bottle.
  4. A card having emergency contact details

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