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By Ninamorena @NinaMorenaXO
The shoe of the weekend is the imported kilim textile slipper made with silk thread tassels from Europe in the mid-19th century.
I've been an elusive blogger these past couple of days! After my training yesterday I had a splitting headache so I was totally out of commission, even just to stare at a computer screen. This weekend was also filled with strange movies, like Black Swan and Barney's Version.
Black Swan was a mix between being amazed by the beautiful ballet and being utterly horrified and confused by the things going on in Natalie Portman's character's (Nina Sayers) mind. But I liked it. Even though I lost sleep later on.
Barney's Version was very long and very sad. It was a well-made movie, but the tragic events that unfold are sure to cause waterworks, seeing that the move is over two hours long.
I'm going to rest now. But I'm not entirely abandoning my readers! As soon as I stop feeling like I got hit by a bus, you'll be hearing about a nice alternative to the sometimes uncomfortable pair of jeans. (Hint: it involves Michael Kors.)

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