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Might Want to Do Your Research, Polly

Posted on the 09 October 2015 by Markwadsworth @Mark_Wadsworth

From the Guardian
A star was born as glorious Bake Off ended last night with the victory of Nadiya Hussain. Expect a million Nadiya baking books to sell before Christmas. Yet again, the BBC has surged ahead with an unexpected phenomenon that no commercial TV company would have bothered with in prime time. Until, that is, it became a hit – and that’s when BBC-haters pile in to say they shouldn’t be doing such popular stuff – leave it to the market.
So, a show with multiple contestants, baking cakes, with multiple different rounds, with a contestant eliminated after each stage, and a male and a female judge? That sounds totally original and not at all like Cupcake Wars on the Food Network:-
The show is similar to successful Chopped cooking show aired on the same network, in that it starts with four contestants who are eliminated one-by-one in three rounds
The show invites cupcake bakers from all over the United States to compete.
There are three judges in the series, with two of them serving as permanent judges:

All hail the BBC. Providing slightly stretched out versions of cable TV cookery shows, and funded by threats of violence.

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