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Midnite Brain - Demo

Posted on the 27 March 2012 by Ripplemusic
Midnite Brain - Demo
From deep within the smug, *ahem,* I mean, fog of San Francisco, Midnite
Brain emerge.
Aside from being newly formed, Midnite Brain is one of
the better named hardcore bands from the city.  They've recently cut an
impressive 4-track demo -  a harsh lesson in 80s-style HC.
It's short, but hella sweet, as it kicks off with a cool arrangement that reminded me of
the beginning of Raw Power's Screams from the Gutter.  What persists is an
unrelenting sequence of fast, overdriven riffing that's held down by some
hard-hitting drums, all in all sounding more like Death Side or Lipcream.
The vocals and shouts sound great, too. 
I can hear more trace elements of 80s Japanese HC as clever, well-executed stop/start's and catchy solos drop-in recurrently.  I asked drummer Midnight Dan what they were all about.  You know, their "band philosophy.."
"It's all about being crazy and seeing beyond, ya know?  There are these cosmic brains
that are always flying around.  You have to be inebriated to see them.  Huffing glue helps," said the Brain's Midnight Dan.
Don't worry, one needn't huff glue in order to enjoy Midnite Brain.   I'm pretty sure that it's some of the better HC I've heard come out of the Bay Area in recent years.  So, If you're in the Bay Area and like honest, no-nonsense hardcore punk that kills all the bogus nonsense that has hijacked the genre, then I really suggest you drop in to check 'em out live!
On Friday, March 30th, Midnite Brain will be delivering their sonic assault, live to the masses, at 24th and Vermont in S.F. with Ratface (Pittsburgh) and Permanent Ruin (San Jose).  On Sunday, May 27th, Midnite Brain supports legendary UK punks, Antisect, at the Rocket Room in S.F.
Can't make it to the show?  Don't fret!  You can check out the demo on Youtube.  Just click the link below.  Also, be on the lookout for a 7" flexi to be self-released sometime this Summer.

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