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Microsoft Edge Gets New Extensions – Adblock and Adblock Plus

Posted on the 11 May 2016 by Technogala @TechnoGala

Now Microsoft Edge users will finally be able to block ads while browsing the Web. Ads are definitely a nuisance when it comes to browsing and the popular ad-blocking extensions AdBlock and Adblock Plus are now available for users of the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

As of now, these ad-blocking extensions are only available for Windows 10 Insider Preview,i.e. for the users who have downloaded the latest preview version of Windows 10.Specifically, only the users of the new Windows 10 Insider Preview build 14332 can install the AdBlock and Adblock Plus ad-blocking extensions for Microsoft Edge.

So to browsefreely without any ads you need to first get the latest version of Windows 10.The installation process for these ad blockers is very simple as it just needs to be activated after downloading from the Windows Store. An optional button also pops up at the end of the address bar showing the number of ads that have been blocked.

However the commercial release is yet to come and the Microsoft Edge will gain extension support for the general public with the rollout of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, whichis expected to be released in June or July. Additionally Microsoft is also planning to get extensions from services like Pinterest, Amazon, Evernote, LastPass, and Reddit at launch.Apart from Edge, Adblock Plus supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer,Android, Yandex, and Maxthon browsers. In comparison, AdBlock only supports Chrome,Safari, and Opera browsers.

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