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Microgaming Golden Goose Slot Review

Posted on the 12 January 2018 by Sallysummers @RCW_Blog

Microgaming offers four online slot games with the subtitle name “Golden Goose”. These four online casino games have an identical integrated bonus game, all about a goose and golden eggs. Microgaming has taken four of their most popular slots and modified the paylines a bit and integrated them into the bonus game. The four video slots are Genies Gems, Winning Wizards, Crazy Chameleons and Totem Treasure.

Golden Goose slot features

The bonus game is triggered by these Golden Goose Video Slots only if the player has clicked on the special button of Golden Goose before the start. This button has two reels, it activates all possible paylines with the maximum number of coins and also places a side bet in the amount of five coins per payline also. The value of the coin can be determined by the player in turn. If the Golden Goose bonus game is triggered or activated, you can by chance play one of the four bonus games. You do not need a special combination of rollers to trigger the game here.

Microgaming Golden Goose Slot Review

The first two bonus games are easy. The first bonus game is called Golden Reel Bonus. A golden goose appears on the screen and lays her golden eggs. Then the player has to decide for an egg and for that he gets a corresponding bonus amount. The second bonus game here is the Golden Egg Bonus Game, which is often found online at the slots games. The Golden Goose walks across the screen and lays a series of golden eggs that hide some bonus credits for the online casino player. The other two bonus games are more interesting. In the third bonus game, Money or Egg, the player has the opportunity to choose either a pile of money or a golden egg. The money pile shows bonus credits, but the egg has a number of free spins. The last bonus game here is the Golden Card Bonus Game. The Golden Goose displays a number of cards on the screen. The player selects one of the cards and reveals the number of free spins won and a prize multiplier.

All bonus games at the online casinos are the outstanding feature of the Golden Goose Slots. However, each of the slots has its own theme background and identity, and the other aspects of the games are just as profitable. The online slot jackpot is something that entices gamers to play.

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