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Microdermabrasion with Skintastics

By Masfashion

I have already explained how much I have been keeping up on my skincare routine as of late. It is easy to start a routine but hard to maintain it. At least for me. I start diets, workouts, beauty regimes, etc. but maintaining it after two or three weeks is the challenge. However, I made a pact to myself that I would take my microdermabrasion seriously. I wouldn’t miss a treatment and I would go right on time. The hardest part of starting a routine is the lack of immediate results. I am a “now, now, now,” type of person so if I start a diet and don’t lose weight right away I get annoyed and usually stop. Not that I am a quitter I just tell myself that there are other ways to achieve my desired result. But there never are. There are never shortcuts. You must put in the time, commitment, and dedication. That is why I told myself there wasn’t going to be any slacking when it came to my microderm.

However, there didn’t need to be a come to Jesus talk with myself, after the first treatment I could see massive results. I was beyond excited for my second treatment as I knew the results would be even better. I scheduled my appointment with Karen (who I am semi-obsessed with) at Skintastics and I waited for the day to come. My skin from the last treatment was still glowing but I wanted even moreeee. My second treatment included the microderm, a little acid peel, and a touch or two of photofacial laser. This was all Karen’s concoction to give me the ultimate glowing skin. And it worked! She is seriously talented!

The microderm has me feeling very confident as I posted a photo from my iphone with no make-up. Did you hear me? My IPHONE with NO MAKE-UP!!! I feel brave! Literally the only thing I have on my skin is sunscreen! Can you believe it? I am so smitten with the results that I don’t know if I ever want to stop going! I have one more treatment scheduled when I return in August which I am already look forward to! But first, Paris!

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