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Michael McMillian Has Signed on for 4 More Years of True Blood

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

That doesn’t mean of course that there will be another 4 seasons…. only Lilith (and HBO) know how long this ride will last.

In recent interviews with Wallstreet Journal Michael McMillian gave his view on Steve Newlin.

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Steve Newlin is charming everyone this season as a spokesperson for the Authority. How did you approach his character this time around?

The question of whether Steve would be a self-loathing vampire was at the forefront of my mind. If he were to come back as a vampire, it would be more interesting to play him as an empowered one. I’m glad the show is going that way. Steve has always been attracted to power and is a complete narcissist. As much as his personal life is falling apart, I think he’s really good at his job. He’s really good at getting people to listen and follow.

How come Steve can be privately gay as a vampire, but not publicly, and how come he couldn’t be privately gay as a human?

The vampires act as metaphors for outcasts in society. A lot of people have drawn the connection that the show uses vampires as allegory for homosexuals. But the show is more interesting than just that. I think the show is saying to its audience that things aren’t black and white. People are ultimately really complex animals. Sure, Steve will come out to Jason and have a heartfelt scene but there’s something about him that’s afraid to come completely out.

It’s hard enough coming out as a vampire for Steve. Coming out as gay would be even harder.  He’s more afraid of that than being a vampire, ironically. He obviously has a massive support system as a vampire; vampires are very liberal at the end of the day. It’s a really good glimpse because he does have a public persona and a private one and they are very different people. I don’t know if the show is making a broad statement about life in public but juggling a personal and private face is very difficult. It’s no accident that he’s a figure that’s full of hypocrisy.

I don’t know if Steve really knew he was gay until he was turned. Becoming a supernatural creature unlocked things for him. A lot of that stuff that was repressed came pouring out. He was attracted to Jason and I think he just felt that Jason was the greatest thing ever. That’s a brand new feeling for him. I don’t think he equated it to love or to attraction. He was probably too scared to go down that road. He was a married man. His love for Jason will be in the forefront of his story line in the entire season.

How much longer do you think “True Blood” will be around?

I have been shocked to see where the season goes.  I think what the writers are doing is a big game changer. They’re setting up for the final act of the series — whether it’s one more season, or two more seasons or three more seasons..i think after viewers finish this year we’ll be heading in a bold new direction. I’m signed on for four more seasons.

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