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Michael McMillian Back as Rev. Steve Newlin on True Blood

Posted on the 12 September 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Michael McMillian back as Rev. Steve Newlin on True BloodI had predicted the return of Rev. Steve Newlin, so I was delighted to see Michael McMillian back and with fangs!

On the Inside True Blood Blog McMillian talks about his return to True Blood.

“It seems really clear to me that Steve was always just as attracted to Jason as his wife was,” McMillian says. “In his eyes, Jason Stackhouse is the guy that Steve really wanted to be. I think he had a really heavy man-crush on him … that might have gone a bit deeper. And I think Steve is more heartbroken that Jason slept with Sarah than he is that Sarah slept with Jason, if you know what I mean. I have my own theories and ideas of what Steve’s been up to off-screen – and I’m sure the fans do, too – and I’m sure the writers will fill that in. But I think the fact that he’s coming back for Jason is linked to that emotional undercurrent he was feeling in Season 2. I have no idea where the show is headed, but it’s great to be back, even just for a few hours on set.”

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