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Michael Cremo - Modern Human Bones, Footprints and Artefacts - 20 to 600 Million Years Older Than We Thought

Posted on the 23 November 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Michael Cremo - modern human bones, footprints and artefacts - 20 to 600 million years older than we thought
there's a Darwinian evolutionary model that modern humans came into being about 100,000 years ago (eventually leading to the Homo Sapiens variant that we are today) and it's what we're taught in our non-Creationist schools and colleges.
And while Free Planet doesn't entirely agree with Michael Cremo's vedic assertion that 'humans are consciousness that interacts with matter' and may have been flying around in mind-controlled nuclear spaceships for millennia or aeons, there are a lot of cases of archaeologists unearthing modern human bones, footprints and artefacts from way further back than a Darwinian model suggests. Cremo should be applauded for at least bringing such secreted away evidence to public attention.
Either the way geologists assess layers of sediment and rock formation is WRONG and there's a much more fluid and three dimensional method for the creation of such rock layers i.e. there is no simple top-down timeline explanation for these strata, and a more complicated model needs to be created... OR... the human bones, footprints and artefacts found in these layers point towards a modern human presence on this Earth stretching back two to six-hundred million years further than is currently accepted.

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