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MICC Means Military Industrial Congressional Complex - MILAB Means Military Abduction

Posted on the 03 July 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Super Soldier Conference 2013 coverage from independent researcher James Rink, here Melinda Leslie shares her life story and experience of the milab phenomena which refers to how alien contactees are covertly abducted against their will by the 'military' and 'government'.
This interview rings with 'facts' that Whitley Strieber conveyed in his COMMUNION experience, the dirtiness of the 'alien environs' and the 'tractor beam'/'jump room' technology.

So, alien-abduction or military-abduction, is there ANY REAL DIFFERENCE if there's a fake alien invasion agenda about to play out via the MICC or Military Industrial Congressional Complex - you know, THE REAL GLOBAL GOVERNMENT?
And, you know, the difference between AN INSANE PERSON and AN ABUSED PERSON (via chemicals or torture) is minimal ... so, what are we seeing here, with all these so-called Super Soldier Experiencers?
SUPPLEMENTAL: Michael Moore disses the MICC like it's not his job.

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