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MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub

By Travellingtheworld
MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub

During my trip to Sudbury to enjoy the fall/autumn colors, I decided to try out the MIC (Made in Canada) Canadian Eatery and Whiskey Pub for dinner.

As the name suggests, the MIC revels in its menu with ingredients sourced from within Canada as much as possible.

After the obligatory vaccination document check, we went inside.

Whisky Tasting

MIC Canadian Eatery has an impressive range of Canadian whiskeys. To my luck, they also offered a mini whiskey tasting option where one can select three whiskey shots, each amounting to ½ ounce (about 15ml).

MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub
Whiskey Tasting at MIC Canadian Eatery & Whisky Pub in Sudbury

After conferring with the waitress about the best whiskies, I decided to go for the Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve, Crown Royal Extra Royal Blue, and the Crown Royal Special Reserve.

The first one was smooth, silky and sailed through my tongue almost effortlessly.

The Crown Royal was also smooth with tinge of apple and banana flavours.

The Special Reserve was a complex beast. Unexpectedly even the subsequent sips did not dim its flavours.

Appetizer at MIC Canadian Eatery & Whisky Pub

MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub
A Delicious Atlantic Mussels Appetizer

I ordered Atlantic Mussels. The Prince Edward Island (PEI) mussels came steamed in a richly flavored mix of garlic, shallots, tomatoes, cream and white wine. Of course, there was the obligatory bread for dipping. It is one of those tasty dishes you wish you had more bread to soak up all the sauce when you are done enjoying the mussels.


I had brown butter pickerel. A fish dish is not something I generally chose in a restaurant. I love seafood but when it comes to fish, I generally prefer the South Asian type of spicy cooking or simply marinated and deep fried (not breaded and fried) fish.

But for a change I decided to try out this dish and the fact it was pan-fried, and not breaded and deep fried, helped me to make my decision.

MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub
Brown Butter Pickerel as the Main Dish

The fish was so delicious - soft and pan-fried with cherry tomatoes and capers, giving the fresh a delicious tangy flavor. It came with rice and vegetables.

Final Thoughts on MIC Canadian Eatery & Whiskey Pub

The service was great and the environment cozy.

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