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MIB: Colonic Prolapse - Trip Chair - Psychotronic Dna Warfare

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
obviously, I'm trying as hard as I can to FRONT LOAD as much of this factionist post as possible with RKPs or Relevant Key Phrases like "colonic prolapse", "trip chair" and "psychotronic dna warfare". One can only hope my efforts haven't been in vain.
While much of this Bases Series Episode 25 subject 'Ray Collins''s stuttering/timeslurring will be down to Skypelag, I suspect that iff the guy in this video really has been Bourne Legacy'd i.e. chemically rewritten and cerebrally timelooped like that as often as such off-the-reservation activity would entail then that is EXACTLY how such a 'recovering slave' would speak: broken and yet healing.
Black Goo (nanotech) rears up, once again...

The basic idea seems to be that the (now infamous) MIB or Men In Black, of the film franchise/1950s reports, aren't in control of their own destiny. They're as CONTROLLED by HANDLERS as any other Covert Operative or Asset. Lots of reliance on chemical/medical manipulation. Is this where all our world is headed/is already at?
Was Philip K Dick's dial-a-day MOOD ORGAN at the opening of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep not merely a rambling fantasy of a former crack head? Or is Miles Johnston now under INTENSE (AND LUDICROUS) ATTACK from these IMSMC or Infiltrated Main Stream Media Controllers of the CWG or Corporate War Game i.e. this Jay Collins is a stooge for his owners. Nothing more. Be careful of RISK-based gaming, Miles.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: there's a series of videos on 'Jay Collins''s friend James Rink's youtube channel about this Super Soldier phenomenon, including a regression of Michael Prince aka James Casbolt, and others.

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