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Mexican Family Names It’s Child “Facebook,” Mexican State Immediately Bans Naming Your Child “Facebook.”

By Ceboscuit @ceboscuit
February 14, 2014


VIa AP:  HERMOSILLO, Mexico (AP) — “Parents in the Mexican state of Sonora will no longer be allowed to name their children “Facebook,” ”Rambo” or 59 other now banned given names.  The names have been found at least once in state registries. And the list could grow because officials are still checking the state’s 132 newborn registries, Sonora state Civil Registry director Cristina Ramirez said Tuesday.  The law banning a list of 61 odd or offensive names took effect Monday. It seeks to protect children from being bullied, Ramirez said.  ”The law is very clear because it prohibits giving children names that are derogatory or that don’t have any meaning and that can lead to bullying,” she said.”

Look, I think the more important point is that these parents aren’t really thinking long term.  What happens when the kid has to explain his name to people in ten years when Facebook is obsolete?  Just imagine some kid coming up to Facebook and asking him about his name:

“Hey bro, what does Facebook mean?”

“Um, I guess it was some popular social media platform my parents used a lot back in the day.  I actually think they met on Facebook after my dad stalked my mom’s photos for a couple of months.  I think my dad ‘poked’ my mom at one point, messaged her constantly and sent her a relationship request after their first date.  So, I guess it’s kind of important to them.”

“Loser, everybody knows Facebook is weaksauce.  MySpace ’till I die!”

I do take issue with “Rambo” not being allowed.  Rambo is a name of power and strength and basic badassness. Facebook, though, is just parents not trying.  Naming your kid after a social media website is like naming spelling your kid’s name in a unique and different way.  You may think you’re onto something but you’re just pissing off your “future kid” when he/she has to explain what their name really means or spell it out for someone for the one millionth time.  Names aren’t rocket science.


Rambo = BadAssNess

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