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Merry & Gay (2022) Movie Review

By Newguy

Merry & Gay – Movie Review

Merry & GayMerry & Gay

Director: Christin Baker

Writer: Christin Baker (Screenplay)

Writer: Maggie Cummings, Megan Ullritch (Story)


  • Dia Frampton (Christmas at the Ranch)
  • Andi Rene Christensen
  • Janet Ivey
  • Hayat Nesheiwat
  • Stella Parton

Plot: Broadway star Becca comes home to her small town for Christmas. She starts to fall back in love with her high school sweetheart, Sam, with the help of their two meddling moms.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Merry & Gay starts when Broadway star Becca (Frampton) returns home for Christmas, her first one in a few years. Her mom Tilly (Nesheiwat) and Lucille (Ivey) are trying to bring Becca and Sam (Christensen) back together after a disagreement pushed them apart.

As the two-start spending time together, the sparks return between the pair. Leading to Becca needing to make a massive decision about her future. Following her dreams or being with the one that she loves.

Verdict on Merry & Gay


Becca is a Broadway star, she is about to break out to reach the next level of her career but decides to return home for Christmas first. She gets to reconnect with her former best friend and first love as she helps prepare the town’s pageant. Becca is left to make a decision about her future, becoming a star or staying with the person she loves.

Sam is Becca’s former best friend that still lives in the same small town they grew up in. She hosts open mics and brings the community together whenever she can. Sam is reluctant to let Becca get to close to her because of their past but needs to decide what will happen if she lets Becca in again.

In the supporting characters, we have the family and friends trying to play matchmaker for the two. They know how close they were and think they should be together.


Dia Frampton and Andi Rene Christensen are both wonderful to watch. Be it in the individual moments or the chemistry they show together. They bring us engaging characters from realistic backgrounds. Dia Frampton also gets to show off her singing skills in her side of hte movie.


The story follows two former best friends that get reunited for Christmas thanks to their meddling parents. They both have gone in separate directions in their lives with this being the first time they could find what they once had before.

This is a nice feel-good story, one that shows they in love big decisions must be made by people. It uses separate lives and past problems to help show how both characters have lived different lives. The story follows a traditional path while keeping everything entertaining to watch.

Final ThoughtsMerry & Gay is an entertaining Christmas movie.

Merry & Gay (2022) Movie Review
Merry & Gay (2022) Movie Review
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