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Merry Christmas: Feat. Ed Charly

By Chaayen
This year, I feel like any form of structure in my life has been pulled apart yet not re-assembled. Haha. First, covid struck and we pretty much started to work from home. This was the first time I stayed at home so long. I got pregnant too this year so this mean I was pretty much stuck at home most of the time (very boring yes). And then, we welcomed a baby late this quarter and this child almost rob all our time away in the first year. 

Finally, after 2 odd months since his arrival, we have a breather. Can't really slack too long because I still needa rush out the reno and launch some new series next year! But since it was Christmas, I really wanted to give thanks to my partner who has been steadily supporting me throughout this period and putting up with some illogical outburst at time. 

Merry Christmas: Feat. Ed Charly
Getting a gift for the husband has always been a difficult task. His style is at the opposite spectrum of mine. He loves his things simple and classy, better if timeless. When I saw Ed Charly's products, I knew he would love them! For the longest time, we have been searching for a functional yet gorgeous slim wallet and I am glad to say Ed Charly made the cut. 
There are 3 different designs available and I decided to go for Ed Classic because I thought it would be cute to twin. We are people with quite a bit of coins and I prefer designs that could snap shut. The Hubs doesn't use pure card holders so Ed Classic was a design that suit both our needs.
Merry Christmas: Feat. Ed Charly Each design came in 3 colours and I settled for the classic brown for the Hubs and a nice trendy red for myself. The brown actually look darker in real life while the red isn't as vibrant as it seems. (We both adore our choice in colours by the way...hehe.) For pure leather products, the wallets are retailing at S$59, quite a steal really. Free shipping if you are located in Singapore and a flat shipping fee at $6 if you are overseas. 
The wallets comes in a very nice box and dust pouch, making it look like a rather luxurious gift. The Hubs was so happy with what he recieved, he actually used it immediately (quite rare of him, usually he just politely thank me for the present when I get his taste wrong). He thought it was perfect for his suit (no bulging wallet in pants) and also for Reservist (although honestly I think this is way too premium to be brought into camp...zzz). But you know, I can't control the user on how he uses it. 
Merry Christmas: Feat. Ed Charly
To all my readers, I hope you have a very blessed Christmas. One last photo featuring Ed Charly looking rather snug under our mini tree. We are moving soon so the house is looking like a mad storeroom (no thanks, covid!) with no space for a bigger tree. And with a baby who needs plenty of stuff, haix the whole place is disturbingly cluttered. May 2021 be a better year cos I can't deal with this mess any longer!

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