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Merrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired Collection

By Dynelle Skinner @shoeography

On Saturday, June 1st, Merrell, renowned as the world's leading outdoor footwear brand, partnered with Parks Project, a lifestyle brand committed to national park conservation, hosted a park clean-up in Los Angeles. This collaboration also welcomed a limited edition, groundbreaking plant-inspired collection. This collaboration showcases a special edition of the Merrell Moab 3, the world's best-selling hiking boot, alongside a limited-edition assortment of apparel and accessories.

Merrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired CollectionMerrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired Collection

Central to the collection is the Merrell x Parks Project Moab 3, innovatively designed with HyphaLite, a revolutionary mushroom-based material. HyphaLite serves as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, being 100% biobased and biodegradable, made from natural latex and FSC-certified regenerated cellulose fibers. The shoe's design is inspired by the vibrant and diverse colors of national parks, reflecting a commitment to preserving these natural treasures and encouraging the next generation of park advocates.

Merrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired Collection
"Our innovative collaboration with Parks Project symbolizes our dedication to sustainability, environmental stewardship and revolutionizing what is considered outdoor fashion," said Merrell Chief Marketing Officer Pallav Tamaskar. "As a leading footwear brand, our goals are to modernize the activity of hiking while preserving nature for future generations to enjoy and designing styles for them to look cool while doing so. Together, we're not just creating products, but also paving the way for positive changes within the industry and leaving the world a better place."

This collection, is now available while supplies last at,, and at key retailers such as URBN, FREE PEOPLE, PACSUN, Backcountry, REI, Dick's Sporting Goods, Scheels, The Toggery, Seed People, Proof People, and SAKS, reflects a synergy between fashion and environmental stewardship. It not only provides high-quality, sustainable outdoor gear but also supports initiatives that protect and enhance the natural landscapes we cherish.

Merrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired Collection

This partnership marks a significant step towards integrating sustainability into outdoor recreation, embodying a shared vision of safeguarding our planet's natural beauty for future generations.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Merrell, as we both share a commitment to pushing boundaries," said Parks Project CEO Keith Eshelman. "In making products together, we're not just crafting an exceptional assortment; we're two businesses committed to redefining the role of corporations. We are emphasizing the importance of a larger purpose, rallying around our mission to 'Leave It Better' and restore habitats in our parks."
Merrell x Parks Project, Limited-Edition Plant-Inspired Collection

Beyond product creation, Merrell and Parks Project have also demonstrated their dedication to park conservation through a joint donation of $9,000 to the LA County Parks Foundation. Furthermore, they are organizing a volunteer clean-up event in Los Angeles, aimed at supporting local park initiatives and fostering community engagement.

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