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Meredith Mullins: The Circus is (Always) in Town

By Eyepreferparis88 @eyepreferparis


I don't remember, as a child, ever thinking I would run away and join the circus, as so many young adventurers were tempted to do. But, for me, as an adult, the option remains open. The circus arts have become a siren's song. I cannot stay away.
In the past few weeks, I've been circus hopping. First to the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain (a celebration of young talent in the circus arts—read article here) and then to the Cirque d'Hiver.
Steel-minded jugglers; flying trapezes; lumbering, sad-eyed elephants; acrobats with abs so chiseled you can understand what abs really are; and glitter, glamour, and games to fill in the pauses.  
While my back ached just watching these graceful, gravity-defying performers, there's something about people flying through the air (and trusting their partners to make sure they won't fall) that makes my own spirit soar. Vive le cirque!

 Meredith Mullins is a fine art photographer, photography instructor, writer for OIC Moments, and Director of the International Fine Art Photography Competition. Her work can be seen at  or in her award-winning book, In A Paris Moment. She is available for private photography instruction/exploration in Paris. Contact her at [email protected]













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Meredith Mullins: The Circus is (Always) in Town

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