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Meredith – 1st Woman to Swim Auau Channel 2x

By Thesilentpal @thesilentpal

Meredith NovackBe a part of a world first… No woman has ever swam the Auau Channel twice. Meredith will be the first to ever swim from Lanai to Maui and back in the same day!

Mark your calendar: September 22, 2013 Meredith is setting a World Record!!!

She has been training incredibly hard and has her sights on smashing the men’s record of 11 hours and 45 minutes and inspiring millions everywhere! She trains heart and soul for this twenty mile swim in the beautiful state of Hawaii. She is a member of the University of HI Masters Swim Team and the Waikiki Swim Club. A former professional triathlete and swim coach, she inspires everyone around with her joy and passion for the sport.

Her message is simple…when faced with lifes challenges – keep going. Never stop…never stop believing in yourself and loving yourself…it’s important when faced with adversity to not get stuck. Just keep going!

Meredith needs your financial support. Marathon swimming is very expensive. These costs cover her crew, captain and boat fees, hotel, airfare for 6, photography, SharkShield, etc. This very exciting event is going to be filmed by The Surf Channel. The show is expected to reach 25 MILLION viewers! The title sponsor will be named Executive Producer on a television show that will air internationally!!! The signage and footage in beautiful Hawaii will be unforgettably amazing.

Thank you for your support.

xo Meredith

Meredith Novack Adds me on FB

Meredith just added me on Facebook as a friend when I re-tweeted @3isgreaterthan1′s message “Lets support Meredith Novack as she attempts to be the first woman to swim Lanai-Maui-Lanai in the same day! Kim,…“. – Paolomer

Good Luck to you Meredith! You can do it girl!

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