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Memorial Day Weekend

By Blondie @heyblondieblog
First, a thank you to all of our troops who have served and are currently serving us and our country. They put their lives on the line for our freedom and I don't think most understand this sacrifice that they and their families give. My BIL just got back from one year overseas. My sister, neice and nephew are so strong and it surely has an affect on them all while D is gone. Thank you!!!
We started the weekend off by having family movie night on Friday. We watched Rio and had popcorn. Or almost watched all of Rio. Dagwood and I can quote the movie but have never seen it in it's entirety. Rio and Despicable Me are the 2 movies that both kids are glued to and can watch without really becoming distracted and going off to play with something else. These have been our go-to movies for the car which is why Dagwood and I have not actually seen them in full but know verbatum. Long way to get to my point here...SK fell asleep when the monkeys start dancing and are being theifs and it was late so we went ahead and put the kiddos to bed. Maybe it is not meant to be for us to see this movie!
Saturday I went and Rocked My Core! Throughout the weekend every muscle in my core was sore. A wonderful sore I must say! My favorite exercise at the moment!
The kids played outside in the water while I started cleaning the deck and Dagwood made a Lowe's run. We had a nice lazy day of cleaning and playing.
Sunday we went to church. Skipped class and went to our new 10am one service for the summer. We normally attend early service at 8:30 and then class at 10. For the summer we do class at 9 and church at 10. Our class had ended and the new class had not begun yet so we got up and cooked breakfast and enjoyed a not rushed Sunday morning! We ate lunch with K and M and headed home for naps. We did not have small group since it was a holiday weekend and several were out of town. We cleaned more inside and ordered stuffed crust pizza for dinner. Yummy! Dagwood and OM watched a little racing or "cars going round and round".
Monday I got up and went to work to do payroll. The restaurant was closed but people still have to be paid! Dagwood took the kids out to Opaw and Ami's and helped them with some computer things. I worked until lunchtime and then met up with Dagwood and the kids for a late lunch at Don Pepe. The kids were tired so we headed home. I picked up some groceries and we straightened the house for company. We had friends from our small group over who live in the neighborhood. The kids LOVE playing together and we enjoy visiting.
The kids were in bed by 8 and Dagwood and I watched and episode of Hawaii 5-0 and enjoyed a clean and quiet house!
Now if I can just keep it this clean until we go on our trip in 23 days!!! Holy Moly it is coming up quick! I have so much organizing to do.
I'll share soon a board I made for the kids to help in getting them up and moving in the morning and one for night. SK thrives with having a routine in place and she is loving this new system!

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