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Mel Chemistry Subscription

By Evette Garside @evette77

Yes you read that title correctly and this is possibly one of the most surprising subscription sets I have so far come across. Now don't get any silly ideas. I am certainly not donning white overalls and risking blowing my house up; No! These kits are aimed towards the younger generation meaning teens and pre teens 12 and over. It does help to have a young science boffin in the home (AKA Ryan) who is almost 12. Science and especially so chemistry is one of his favourite subjects plus he has had various science home kits too over the years.

Mel Chemistry is a monthly subscription service and each month brings 3 new boxed kits to do at home. It costs just less than £30 a month so less than £10 per kit. The first month is higher as you also need the starter kit.

Mel Chemistry subscription

This starter kit contains the main equipment to use with all the monthly kits. Beakers, glasses, lenses, syringes and even a solid fuel stove all come with the starter kit. Plus a full guide on what everything is for along with useful chemistry information.

The monthly kits come in smaller boxes with the chemicals and parts needed for each experiment. Most kits come with 2 or 3 experiments each and are designed to keep teens busy at weekends.

The boxes all come with cover labels and these labels explain what is needed from the starter kit. Some of them may require the odd basic item that most people have in the home such as soap or salt etc but nothing more is needed.

Ryan was really excited to receive 4 kits along with the starter kit. He was very eager to try some out straight away.

Some of the experiments even involve photography and are very simple. There is also an app for phones to assist with the kits.

Mel Chemistry subscription

Mel Chemistry subscription

Ryan knows he has to wear gloves and goggles, he reads the instructions carefully and ensures he tidies it all away once done. Some of the experiments require an open flame on the included stove. I have not allowed Ryan to do these just yet. I have visions of my house burning down but I'm thinking once the weather gets better it may be something to help him with outside. Plus I would need to be sure he could be trusted to work with the flame experiments properly.

More information at Mel Science.

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