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Meinrad Bettschart – Passing of a Dear Friend

By Luphil

My dear friend and spiritual brother Meinrad Bettschart (11 May 1934 – 18 November 2023) has passed from the physical plane yesterday, 18 November 2023, to continue his journey on the subtle planes of Light.

He has been associated with the World Teacher Trust for about 25 years. Together with his wife Anna Beutler, they joined the Executive group of WTT-Global (then: WTT-Europe) at May Call 2003 (I joined the board one year earlier). When WTT-Global moved its headquarters to Einsiedeln, they moved there, too. – Meinrad had already passed his youth in Einsiedeln.
Later, from 2017 until his passing, he has been the Treasurer / Custodian of WTT-Global. Thus, when Meinrad became Treasurer and they moved from Barcelona to Brunnen at Lake Lucerne, their home became the seat of WTT-Global.

Though outward in professional life, he was a successful businessman and organizer, inside, he was a spiritual seeker since his childhood. He had a large heart and a helping hand – and he helped many with giving astrological consultations. He was courageous and enduring – travelling, skiing, mountaineering – he even had a helicopter pilot license. And he very much liked playing chess, with a friend or with the computer. Together with Anna, they also did pilgrimages, like a pilgrimage walking a longer distance on the Way of St James.
And together with Anna, he accompanied the Master on a number of tours and participated in many group livings in East and West. Many of us have come to know him during these gatherings.
Meinrad and me had traveled together in India to the Nilagiris, Tirumala, Puri, and to various group livings…

As a Treasurer, he was very diligent and careful. In good time before passing, he handed over his responsibilities to Sabine Anliker, who will now become the new Treasurer/Custodian from January 2024 on.
So, the seat of WTT-Global will shift again to her place in Hergiswil near Lucerne on 1 December 2023 -where it already had been for some years.

A feat little known: In 2019, at the age of 85 and after the May Call Celebration at Mount Shasta, he stayed there alone for some time and did an intense training. And then, he climbed alone to the top of Mount Shasta, spent the night with a sleeping bag outside in the snow and reached the top of the mountain next morning. From there, he sent one photo with his mobile, showing the valley – then, the battery was empty. He had carried up short skies with which he then shot down again into the valley.

Meinrad Bettschart – Passing of a Dear Friend
Mount Shasta, California

Now, he has started another adventure on his path to the Light.
Meinrad, farewell !

Meinrad Bettschart – Passing of a Dear Friend
Meinrad Bettschart (11 May 1934 – 18 November 2023)

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