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Mehadrin Matza That is Not Shmura Matza

By Gldmeier @gldmeier

mehadrin matza that is not shmura matza mehadrin matza that is not shmura matza
in the first picture above you can 2 versions of matza made by the "Yerushalmi" brand. one is matza shmura and one is not shmura but "mehudarot". both have the hechsher of the badatz eida.
My question is:
a. I am surprised that Eida gives a hechsher on non-shmura matza. any comment?
b. what is mehudar matza, if not shmura?
In the other picture are two other brands of non-shmura matza.
my question is if you look at the prices and compare it to the prices of Yerushalmi in the first picture, you'll see a  very significant difference in price, even taking into account the different sizes of the packages.
I get the significant difference in price between the shmura matza and the non-shmura matza, but why is there such a major difference in price between yerushalmi non-shmura and the other non-shmuras? Even if it would cost a little more for the brand name and for the hechsher - so much more?
I am pretty sure only a marketer at the Eida could figure out how to call flour and water that isnt shmura matza "mehudarot"
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