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Mehadrin Domino's Pizza in Israel

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
According to JPost, Domino's Pizza in Israel will now be opening at least ten mehadrin branches across Israel, beginning by converting 2 currently kosher branches (in Petach Tikva) to mehadrin.
Mehadrin branches of Domino's will have different signage and boxes to make them easily distinguishable. The new mehadrin pizza boxes will be red instead of blue and black, and will also bear the kosher mehadrin stamp.Mehadrin Domino's Pizza in Israel
Having never eaten Domino's Pizza, the only thing I really know about it is the 30 minute delivery guarantee. Domino's was famous for guaranteeing that the pizza would be in your hands delivered within 30 minutes of placing the order, or else it would be free of charge. 
While this idea excited me - who hasn't been frustrated by ordering pizza from the shop and it only arriving 45 minutes later or even an hour or more while calling a few times to ask where the pizza is and being told it will be there in 3 minutes - it seems to be no longer true. A quick search turns up the fact that decades ago they stopped this policy. Oh well. In Israel they probably wouldnt have honored it anyway.
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