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Megan Stammers on the Run with Her Lover

By Umkhaloodie

The news this week has been riveting. A 15 year old schoolgirl in the UK has ‘ran away’ with ‘willingly’ her 30 year old math teacher. I read a few tweets that said she had been ‘groomed’ by this man. Sorry, but her tweets say different. I’ve read through pretty much all of them, she has a very ‘wide’ vocabulary for a 15 year old and definitely seems ahead of her years………One picture uploaded by her on her twitter account is a discussion between her and a friend about how there are a few ‘blokes’ she’d love to bang wherever her friend was…….. bit weird for a 15 year old to be talking that way…Regardless, this Jeremy Forrest/Ayre was in a position of trust and shouldn’t have let anything even begin nevermind get this far, but then again, she could have threatened him to ‘tell’……

I reckon she knows exactly what she’s doing, just my opinion though, I do hope she and he get back safe and sound or they make contact with someone.

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