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Megan Stammers FOUND, Safe and Well

By Umkhaloodie

Notre Dame church in Bordeaux, France (high dy...

Notre Dame church in Bordeaux, France (high dynamic range picture made from 3 shots with different bracketing). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The runaway 15 year old has been found safe and well in Bordeaux, France. Her 30 year old math teacher (lover) has been arrested and the girl put in child protection services.

I have to say, the fact this girl is turning 16 in 6 months means that at that point, the pair can do whatever she wants as she is free to leave school……..I guess we will see them selling their stories to OK Magazine next year and making millions…………

just a thought…….and p.s he broke a position of trust, I don’t agree with what he did but really it all just blew way out of proportion, she willingly left to go to France with him and he now is probably going to be put on the sex offenders register…..fair? I don’t think so, just my opinion though.

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