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Mega Ran And Phil Harmonix With DJ AAROCK - The Returners EP

Posted on the 16 May 2014 by Ripplemusic
Mega Ran And Phil Harmonix With DJ AAROCK   - The Returners EP
Historically there have been only two things that one could count on in life.  The first was death.  The second was taxes.  Over the past couple of years however I have learned that a third item has earned that illustrious distinction.  Yes waveriders, I speak of the constant that is the musical output of one Raheem Jarbo, better known as Mega Ran or Random.  The man releases tons of music every year, and all of the music he puts out is good! 
Today I'm going to be focusing on The Returners EP which Mega Ran created with fellow emcee Phil Harmonix and DJ AAROCK in order to fund his latest tour of Japan.  Fun fact time!  Although this EP came out on March 11 of 2014 it is not his most recent release.  Nope, I already purchased my vinyl copy of his latest project, an 8-bit recreation of his first album.  See what I mean?  The man is an energizer bunny of hip hop!  I love it!  Now why should you care about this music?  Excellent question.  Allow me to explain.
I am a nerd.  I like nerdy things.  I like music about nerdy things if it is performed well, and oh my goodness does Mega Ran deliver on that front!  The Returners EP contains songs about video games, an activist who fought for the freedom of information on the internet, wanting to be a wannabe, an anime adaptation of a Japanese manga series, and a concise summary of a Jack London novel.  Oh yeah, and there's some solid braggadocio thrown in for good measure.  After all, it wouldn't be a proper hip hop release without the proper quotient of braggadocio now would it?
To be perfectly honest until listening to this EP I was unaware of Phil Harmonix and DJ AAROCK.  Well not anymore!  Phil Harmonix has a fantastic flow complemented with a precise delivery that impresses me to no end.  DJ AAROCK has created wonderful productions that really drive home an old-school, classic hip hop vibe.  Bottom line, I am now on the lookout for whatever each of these artists release next.
Look, it's okay to admit it.  You decided that this EP was something you needed to check out the moment you read 'concise summary of a Jack London novel'.  I know!  I feel the same way and I've listened to The Returners EP many times!  Click on and have fun!
-- Penfold

Bandcamp Stream- http://megaranmusic.com/track/been-a-long-time-the-returners-anthem

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