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Meet Viktor Yanukovych The King Of Corruption

By Jaideep Khanduja @PebbleInWaters

Ukraine's ex-President Viktor Yanukovych is an undisputed king of corruption

Viktor Yanukovych is thankful to Russian President Vladimir Putin for saving his life

Navigation of corruption leads to Viktor Yanukovych and his estate Mezhyhirya

If you navigate the world of corruption, you will find Viktor Yanukovych as an undisputed king of corruption. Viktor Yanukovych is the former president of Ukraine. He lived in a villa that is one of the costliest villas of the world. During his tenure, corruption was at its peak in the state. A huge value of official assets changed its tag to his personal one. And by the time he was held accountable for a huge spectrum of misappropriations he left the state and got settled in Russia. He is probably the most cunning person on this earth. At the beginning of his career, he was earning just a meagre amount of $700 per month. At quite an early stage of his life, he learnt the art of getting wealthy by adopting unfair means. That was the beginning of his new path towards getting rich in an unusual manner.

Meet Viktor Yanukovych The King Of Corruption

Photo credit: IAEA Imagebank via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Soon he owned his personal estate named Mezhyhirya. The estate included a huge wealth and properties. His estate comprised of a personal zoo, a golf course, a costly villa and many more properties. All this took no time once he got into power in 2010 and became president of Ukraine. He was ousted in 2014 after a heavy civil unrest in the state. After his ouster, his estate was visited by many. The visitors got stunned to witness the overspending done by him. The source of money was still unknown. The light fixtures were estimated around $100 thousand. The decorative woodwork was estimated to be around $2 million. In 2013, Ukraine’s per capita GDP was far below $4k.
In fact, Yanukovych initially rented this huge estate that was almost 140-hectare. It was owned by the then government at that time. This was in 2002 when he had become prime minister of Ukraine. Then there was the Orange Revolution in 2004. Yanukovych could not retain his job as prime minister. As a result, he lost Mezhyhirya. He did some magic and was back in power a year later. He remained in the position of prime minister from 2005 to 2007. Though he left the job of prime minister but retained the estate. It was during this period that there were a lot of dubious transactions that finally made the estate as his personal asset.
In February 2014 Yanukovych fled Ukraine but before that he ensured to dump all important documents that could fall him into big trouble. Yanukovych is living a luxurious life in Russia since then. He gives a lot of credit to the Russian President Vladimir Putin for saving his life and providing him with a protected life in Russia. The navigation of this different world of corruption might lead to a lot of other known and unknown personalities who have lived just for their own interest and adopted any means to satisfy their whims and fancies.  This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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