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Meet Jihad Joe!

Posted on the 13 September 2011 by Mikeb302000
OK, if the US is really serious about fighting the war on terrorism, it needs to get serious gun control NOW!
But, that's just my opinion and you don't mind having a massive body count as "the cost of freedom".
Instead, US politicians protect the right for known potential terrorists on the terrorist list to continue legally purchasing guns--which is a victory for The NRA.
Anyway, I trust you Second Amendment types have no problem with this man telling his Jihady mates to stop on by the local gun show and stock up. After all, They haven't done anything illegal until they have shot up (quite) a few US citizens in some public place(s).
And don't forget this manual!
Any luck, an armed citizen (or more) will show up and turn a terrorist act into a real clutter fuck.
Love it or leave it!
I'm glad I left since it's safer here!

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