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MediaPost: New gTLD’s Will Change Search

Posted on the 01 May 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

MediaPost published a story today with the headline;  “Top-Level Domain Names Will Change Search”

“Search engine optimization (SEO) will change dramatically within the next few years as a result of the Internet transitioning from 23 top-level domain names (TLD) to more than 1,409 strings. ”

The story quotes Jennifer Wolfe, president of Wolfe Domain as saying:

“TLDs will become ZIP codes or category regulators. ”

“Search engines will begin to weigh the TLD name as a category, and .com will become diluted in search results — less valuable


“I can see a huge impact for search terms in the domains for something like vs.,” said Bill Connard, vice president of local search at RIO SEO. “I see it as a channel for DYI networks.”


“The TLD name will likely weigh more heavily in Google and Bing search algorithms, and search engine marketers focusing on optimization will need to pay more attention. “From my conversations with Google, Microsoft and Amazon, people are thinking there’s a three- to-five-year window before seeing wide adoption,” Wolfe said, emphasizing that agencies, brands and search experts need to start thinking about it now.”


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