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Meanwhile Back on This Side of the Pond...

By Expatmum @tonihargis

After almost a month in England, I’m back in Chicago. Hopefully the rain cloud that followed me up and down the mother country hasn’t crossed the Atlantic or I shall grow webbed feet! Actually, my first day back is seeing a "heat advisory" which means it's too hot to stay out for long, and I heard on the radio that Illinois (my state) has had its dryest June on record. So probably not much rain in the forecast.
As usual, there were a few things that were “new” to me in the UK. The beautiful, painted ‘phone boxes that have popped up all over London for a start. Here’s a few I snapped. 
Meanwhile back on this side of the Pond...
 This was somewhere in South East London, and the one below was in Berkeley Square.
Meanwhile back on this side of the Pond...
Aren't they lovely?  It’s all part of an exhibition going on, in which artists have transformed the old K6 phone boxes. Please pop over to the link here to see more, astonishing transformations.
 So now, with a mere 5 months till the US Presidential elections, I’m back in crazy town. I promise to share the pain blog about the wilder aspects between now and November.

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