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Meaning of Chirkut

By Saleyourbooks Com
Chirkut = चिरकुट
Meaning of Chirkut
Chirkut is a Hindi slang which has a different types of meaning- imbecile, stupid, miser, impetuous, idiot or non-classy.
There are some more meanings here: misers, petty thieves, rouges, eve teasers, law breakers, shop lifters and general criminals.
Now you are thinking that why we named this blog on this weird word which has not so good meaning. So let me tell you my friend - Every weird thing starts from weird people. We picked up one meaning from all those meanings that is 'IDIOT' for the word Chirkut.
Even in the movie Bandook, two main heroes Bhola (Aditya Om) and Lochan (Arshad Khan) are called Chirkut Cowboys. This word reflects their personality that means they ruthlessly hunt their enemies in movie and at the same time have a perverted sense of humor that comes as comic relief to the tragic proceedings.
Here we welcome you to this Chirkut Blog or The Blog of Chirkuts or Blog of Idiots.
"Who understands life, who understands how to live, whose better know what he/she is, what's inside you, what are you from outside ?", nobody knows all the answers of these questions, we the people of this earth are somehow idiots or chirkuts. So that's why we made this blog to show our chirkutness or our chirkut thoughts.
So Are you a Chirkut ??.........Show Us
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