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Me "N" Her by Rikky Bhartia ~ Book Review

By Ishita Roy @ishitrozel
Book         : Me "N" Her
Author      : Rikky Bhartia
Publisher  : Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Genre       : Romance
Price         : Rs. 125
Rating      : 8/10
“Unite your eyelashes with mine in such a way,
That all your tears are placed on my lashes instead…”

The above two lines are perhaps best suited to describe Me "N" Her , the sweet love story of Harsh Bhartia and Janvi Agarwal. The first day he sees her at his office, she is silently shedding tears. Intrigued, he tries to make her smile and she snaps at him. Nonetheless, Harsh is not a person to give up so easily. He leaves no stone unturned to unearth the mysteries of her past life and this marks a beginning of a series of upheavals in his life. From strangers, they become friends, then best friends…..then? Eight years later, Harsh is found drunk beyond his senses at one of the richest bars in town. Luckily, he is rescued by his friend Naveen. Upon thorough investigation, Harsh finally opens up and narrates the tragedy of his life.

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