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McDonnell Douglas A-4M Skyhawk Cockpit

By Htam
McDonnell Douglas A-4M Skyhawk Cockpit

@ San Carlos, CA

September 2020

Recently I was tasked with photographing a few of the Hiller Aviation Museum aircraft cockpits for a Museum project. Here is their A-4 Skyhawk cockpit trainer, with all the wear that comes from over 20 years of museum patrons clambering in and out. Cockpit trainers like these were utilized to familiarize pilots with cockpit procedures or controls modifications. One can observe how some controls have a physical resemblance to the system in use. The landing gear lever (left) has a wheel for a handle, and the arresting hook control (right) actually looks like an arresting hook. First flown in 1954, close to 3,000 A-4s were produced and some are still in active duty service with Argentina, Brazil and Singapore. Nikon D500 w/Tokina 10-17mm.

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