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McDonald’s Joins Snapchat. Because, Y’know, They Fish Where the McFish Are.

By Keewood @sellingeating

If Millennials want a social media platform that offers almost no metrics at all, where your posts are designed to fade rapidly, well, okay, say brands. As long as we can have our brand “story” sticks around for 24 hours, um, well, let’s give it a twirl.

That really does sound like the attitude of Rick Wion, whose quote comes from Mashable:

“With any platform, we always want to dip our toe in the water first and see how it works,” Wion said.

So they Snapchatted a commercial they’re making with Lebron James:

Quick, look, it’s Lebron! ....and now it’s gone.

Toe dipping. Snapping and chatting. Tellin’ McStories.

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