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McDonald’s Canada is Making Chipotle Look Like an Orwellian Propagandist.

By Keewood @sellingeating

Oh my good and gracious Lord I TOTALLY EFFING LOVE THE MOMENT AT 1:40 where the nice, trustworthy, reasonable-seeming food scientist presiding over the slaughter and dismemberment of formerly living creatures that, let’s face it, are pretty tasty, says, “…the four Chicken McNugget shapes, the ball, the boot, the bell and the bow-tie…” Oh My Gawd I love the music of that phrase. It’s the new title of my screenplay for which I have no concept because it didn’t exist until I heard that phrase. The Ball, the Boot, the Bell and the Bow-Tie. Maybe I’ll write a poem. I digress.

Okay. So McDonald’s Canada has been responding the last couple of years in a very honest-seeming manner to very direct and uncomfortable questions fired at them over social media.

Surely you all remember pink slime?

Pink Slime versus Real Chicken Meat Parts

This video effectively debunks that photo. Charming Canadians (who say the “pro” in “process” so it rhymes with “go”) lead us through a very reasonable PROcess (though I’m sure it will create a couple vegetarians because there’s no way to get from living chickens to a 10-piece Chicken McNugget Value Meal without a little …um, well, you’ll see). They just show us what happens, plain and simple, and let us decide whether we’re okay with it. I bet most non-vegetarians will be, even if they squirm a little here or there.

And it seems a lot more straightforward than that abused, puppy-eyed cow in Chipotle’s scarecrow video, or the evil Ray Wise.

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